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Minimalism and maximalism are two opposite ends of the design scale. One focuses on functionality, simplicity, and tranquillity, while the other shines in opulence, stimulation, and boldness.

Whether you elect to go for minimalism or maximalism in your bathroom design often comes down to your bathroom needs and personal preferences, but anyone can enjoy either design choice when done correctly.

Read on to find out the differences between the two and which one you could use to inspire your luxury bathroom design.

What are the differences between minimalism and maximalism?

These two design philosophies could hardly be farther apart from one another, whether you are discussing bathrooms, kitchens, or anything else, but they can both be used in creating luxury.

Minimalism is characterised by two key concepts: simplicity and functionality. It takes your bathroom down the basics, providing you with everything you need with plenty of open space, while also looking streamlined and classy. Minimalism often employs neutral colour palettes, clean lines, and an uncluttered aesthetic to represent cleanliness, quietness, and tranquillity.

On the other hand, maximalism revels in abundance, embracing bold colour choices, intricate patterns, and a mix of textures to create a rich and visually stimulating environment. This often includes several eye-catching display pieces, interesting or unique lighting elements like chandeliers, and filling as available space as is viable.

Understanding these design philosophies is crucial because they serve as the foundation for creating bathrooms that resonate with individual preferences, lifestyles, and the desire for luxury.

Function-led design

Plus, Bayliss understand that design choices are often led by function, and one of these approaches may be better suited for you depending on your family, your non-negotiables, and your aims.

For example, if you have young children and need a bath, separate shower unit, space to play while they dry, and anything else, a minimalist luxury wetroom could be the answer. If you like to host dinner parties and want to wow your guests, a maximalist bathroom design might be better for you!

The keen attention to detail and comprehensive experience of our luxury bathroom designers makes them the perfect people to discuss the specifics of your bathroom with. They can imagine new designs, move fittings around, and create stunning bathroom concepts in your chosen style to help inspire your dream bathroom.

How can you use minimalism in a luxury bathroom?

Minimal bathroom decor and design can exude luxury through calmness. Your bathroom can be serene, where every element serves a purpose, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and sophistication.

Begin by selecting a refined colour palette, such as shades of white, beige, or grey, to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. These colour choices can then easily match any furniture or fittings you want to include later down the line.

In a minimalistic luxury bathroom, the emphasis is on quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Products from our high-end brand partners blend seamlessly into our minimal bathroom design philosophy, elevating the overall aesthetic. These fittings can be statement pieces, such as freestanding baths or a sculptured sink, without detracting from the sleek, serene finish.

Storage solutions and lighting play pivotal roles in maintaining the uncluttered allure of minimalism. Concealed cabinets and built-in shelves allow for a seamless and organized appearance, while discreet yet elegant fixtures that provide ample lighting can enhance the ambiance.

How can you use maximalism in a luxury bathroom?

Maximalism encourages a more daring and expressive approach to luxury bathrooms. Contrary to popular belief, you can incorporate maximalism into small bathrooms just as easily as larger ones by embracing vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and lush textures, meaning you aren’t limited by space for maximalist designs.

Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or deep burgundy can convey luxury and class, while bold tiles or flooring with intricate designs can transform a bathroom into a captivating space.

Maximalism allows for an eclectic mix of materials and styles. Ask out team to help visualise bold and diverse design choices, combining elements like brass fixtures, exposed pipework, and rich woods or bamboo, to create a sensory-rich environment. In a maximalist bathroom, every inch becomes an opportunity for self-expression.

Don't shy away from incorporating statement accessories and décor, either. Luxurious mirrors with ornate frames, vintage-inspired fittings, and eye-catching art pieces can amplify the maximalist aesthetic, transforming the bathroom into a personalised retreat.

You could even consider incorporating a sauna into a maximalist design to create a unique home-spa experience!

Bayliss can also implement these philosophies into your kitchen!

Did you know that Bayliss are using our keen attention to detail and stylistic understanding to bring our expertise to your kitchen? Our new kitchens department can benefit from the same design choices to help make your whole home everything you want it to be.

Our kitchens are the definition of luxury. Designed for more than just cooking, we create spaces for family, laughter, memories, and more, incorporating top of the range appliances and fittings with function at the forefront.

Whether you want minimalistic, clean countertops with comprehensive storage solutions for a sleek finish or minimalistic designs with display options, bold accessories, and unique lighting solutions, our team can help.

For many, a luxury kitchen is the first thing they want to introduce to their home. Make yours a reality with Bayliss today!

How Bayliss Bathrooms and Kitchens can help

Whether you lean towards the simplicity of minimalism or the opulence of maximalism, our luxury bathroom (and kitchen) designs are tailored to meet your unique requirements. We specialise in creating unique spaces that reflect your individual style while encapsulating true luxury at every opportunity.

If you’re interested in starting your luxury bathroom journey or simply need some inspiration, you can view our online gallery or visit our showroom in Birmingham.

Alternatively, reach out to our team to find out how we can work with you every step of the way to design an entirely new and unique bathroom or kitchen project! Call us on 0121 362 1800 or email to stat your journey.

When people think about luxury bathroom design, they often imagine large, grandiose rooms with stunning centrepieces, intricate displays, mood lighting, and more.

While this is a good example, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as even the smallest bathrooms can be luxurious when designed correctly.

Read on to find out our philosophy when designing small luxury bathrooms and what we could do for yours!

How we design small luxury bathrooms

Bringing luxury to small spaces requires a different mindset to typically large and open luxurious bathroom designs, but it is one that we are very well-versed in. We focus on two key concepts when designing small bathrooms which underpin every decision:

  1. Focus on the necessities
  2. Design with space in mind

When you only have a limited space to work with, we need to make sure that you have everything you want and need within it. It is our job to understand your desires and subsequently fulfil them, so as part of our project managed experience, we will meticulously plan and conceptualise your bathroom layout with you.

We will understand your non-negotiables and then present to you our hand-crafted, bespoke design options to best suit your available space. We will work together to decide upon the right materials for your fittings, flooring, and furniture, too, so you can personalise your bathroom as much as you like.

Having a comfortable amount of space while also having all the fittings you want is crucial, and we will always make sure that your bathroom has the best of both worlds.

How to make a smaller bathroom feel luxurious

Conveying a sense of luxury is key when working with small bathrooms, and one of the ways we do this is through the mood and feel of the room itself.

The atmosphere is a crucial aspect of modern small luxury bathroom design as it can help the room to feel bigger and more comfortable. Natural lighting is a big contributing factor, using sky lights or windows to flood the room with a warm glow.

These windows can also make the room feel bigger and bring a calming, natural element to the room, especially if you can see trees or greenery right outside.

Additionally, we need to make sure that the room is airy, comfortable, and clean, as an overcrowded room will take away that luxury feel. Several unnecessary items can darken the room and make it feel claustrophobic, and leaving things out on display can make the room feel messy.

Make the most of your space

Whether you want a standing, centrepiece bath from Victoria + Albert to dominate the space or an all-inclusive luxury wet room inspired by Impey, our brand partners will bring your vision to life.

By cleverly utilising the expert work of our brand partners, we can create a truly luxurious space with integrated, but not overbearing, shelving units, storage solutions, and bathroom accessories.

It’s important to choose the right furniture and fittings for the space you have available, so consider going for corner units or changing your favoured style of bath to truly maximise what you have available.

Choose your materials carefully

One of the best parts of small luxury bathroom designs is that the materials you choose to use aren’t limited by available space, allowing us to create a small yet luxurious living area that’s perfect for any available size.

From the flooring to the worktops or even the tiles on the wall, this is your opportunity to make the bathroom truly yours. With matching accessories, including drawers, shelves, towel racks, or anything else, you can create a harmonised and beautiful bathroom.

Whether you choose to go for bamboo, marble, granite, or anything else, we can provide you with a range of options from our brand partners, including Laufen, Villeroy & Boch, and Acquabella.

Utilising mirrors for a small bathroom

One of the secrets of luxury bathroom design is by using large or multiple mirrors incorporated into the design to give the illusion of a larger space. When mirrors reflect light, they can give the illusion that the room itself is bigger.

Full length wall mirrors can give the illusion of almost double the space, while large, mounted mirrors above a sink can make the room look longer. These can be especially useful in small ensuite designs that can feel a little cramped without them.

Find out how Bayliss can bring luxury to your home

Everyone has an ideal vision for their home, so why not take the first steps towards making your dream a reality? Perhaps you have a bathroom that you feel needs a redesign, or an ensuite that doesn’t match the feel of your bedroom? No matter the space you have available, we are here to help.

See our online gallery or visit our Sutton Coldfield showroom for examples of our previous work and to get some small luxury bathroom ideas of your own!

Reach out to our team on 0121 362 1800 or email and get stated on your luxury bathroom journey.

our luxury bathroom design choices are entirely unique and personal to you, which means you want the perfect bathroom designer to handle the project. That way, you can bring your vision and dreams to life and rest easy knowing that it will be completed exactly as you expect.

That’s why carefully choosing the right people to work with is crucial. You need to have the confidence that they will not only get the job done, but they’ll do it perfectly in the process.

Here are our top tips to ensure that you choose to work with only the best luxury bathroom designers for your home!

Make Sure their Previous Work is to Your Standards

There’re few better ways to judge the work of a bathroom designer than by their previous work. Through online galleries, social media posts, in-person showrooms, and even reviews from customers, you can gauge the quality and professionalism of a company.

Pay close attention to the different styles and feelings they express in their work and translate them to your own vision. Think about how their expertise and experience could work in your favour or reach out to a member of their team and find out how they could accommodate you.

Seeing previous work could also help inspire you, helping you explore the possibility of incorporating materials or trends you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. Experiencing different ideas and styles is part of the joy of designing your own new luxury bathroom!

If the images they post or showroom examples of a particular company give you the type of vibe you enjoy, consider getting in touch to organise early discussions.

Check our online gallery to see if our previous work is the right fit for you!

Are they Experienced in Luxury Bathroom Designs?

On a similar vein, you need to make sure that the designers you look for are truly specialists in luxury. Regular bathroom design companies can make a bathroom look and feel pleasant and relaxing, but luxury can be found in the details.

Look at the examples of their recent work and ask yourself:

Luxury is about more than just expense – you need to be sure your designers can provide nothing but the best quality and consistent theming.

Do they Share your Luxury Bathroom Vision?

Once talking directly with the team, you can ask specific questions regarding your ideas and the viability of your vision and find out whether you will be able to work together. Whether you’re looking for a very specific theme or simply want to include a certain concept in your final design.

It is incredibly important that you click with your designers, as this will open the door to clear and collaborative communication during the working process. This can also make you feel more comfortable bouncing ideas off them and suggesting alterations during the design process, guaranteeing that you will be satisfied with the final product.

After all, your luxury bathroom should be nothing short of perfect, and the right designer will help you achieve that without issue.  

Do they have the Right Skillset?

Another important factor to consider is whether your designer has the skills and expertise necessary to achieve everything you need. Are they just going to handle the design process, or will they manage your fittings, fixtures, flooring, and more the whole way through?

At Bayliss Bathrooms, we provide a comprehensive project managed experience comprised of five distinct stages that ensures expert care and attention every step of the way. From holding initial meetings with you to cleaning up on the final day, we will work closely with you to perfect every final detail.

We make sure we understand you and your vision, allowing us to design and organise every aspect of your bathroom, from the layout of the room and your flooring material right down to the precise taps and pipework we install, exactly to your taste.

We ensure your lighting fixtures are selected carefully to compliment the mood and theme that you desire, along with a matching centrepiece, countertops, taps, and more to tie the room together.

The best bit? We will handle everything ourselves, meaning you needn’t contact different contractors for lighting, fixtures, or flooring!

Have a Conversation with us Today

Interested in starting your bespoke bathroom journey today? Whether you’re looking for an Art Deco, Parisian, modern, large, or small bathroom design, we’re on hand to help.

If you need inspiration or you’d like to see the breadth of our expertise for yourself, take a look at our online gallery or visit our Birmingham bathroom showroom in Sutton Coldfield today!  

Alternatively, give our team a call on 0121 362 1800 or email to ask your questions and find out how we could create your dream bathroom today.

Your luxury bathroom design simply isn’t complete without a selection of items from the best luxury bathroom brands on the market.

Whether you need a gorgeous Victoria & Albert bath as a centrepiece, a Laufen basin to match your countertop, or Hansgrohe taps to pull it all together, Bayliss will make your luxury bathroom dreams a reality.

Read on to find out some of our favourite luxury bathroom brands and how we use them in our designs!

Our Choice of Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Choosing the final fixtures and fittings you want in your bathroom can be very difficult, especially when you aren’t sure how the final project is going to look. You want everything to be perfect, from floor to ceiling, which is why we choose to work with only the best luxury bathroom brands in the business.

Whether you want to pick out each individual fixture yourself or you’d like us to present you with a selection to choose from, we will ensure that the finished product is exactly what you’ve imagined. Our project managed experience allows you to have all the input you want throughout the process!

We work with several top bathroom brands to deliver the perfect combination of luxury and functionality, without compromise.

Here is a selection of some of our favourites!

Hansgrohe’s Luxury Bathroom Showers for every design

No matter the style or theme you are trying to achieve with your bathroom, there is always a Hansgrohe shower design ready to match. Whether you are looking for a handheld system or an overhead shower, our selection of Hansgrohe products will always make you feel right at home.

Their showers are specifically designed to provide you with a nourishing and massaging experience with several different spray settings for the perfect shower year-round.

You can also choose the style of your shower and its controls, whether you want a full shower unit with exposed pipework for a rustic feel, or simply a static showerhead and a control block in the same material as your tiling for minimalism and modernity.

They even have a wide range of elegant taps and valves to match your choice of showerhead, ensuring consistency across your bathroom!

How we use Laufen’s luxury bathroom wash basins

If there’s one thing every guest will use when they enter your bathroom for any reason, it’s the basin. That means it provides the perfect opportunity to really wow your guests, especially if you can fit it into the theme of the room around it.

A unique, eye-catching basin can act as a secondary centrepiece to your bath or shower which will draw the attention of your guests. Laufen offer a huge variety of stylish and modern basins in any design of your choosing, including wall-hung, freestanding, bowl, and vanity washbasins.

No matter the size of the space you have available, a Laufen washbasin will be able to not only fit right in, but also tie the room together with a variety of colours available, too.  

Sharing wet room inspiration with Impey

Looking to convert a traditional bathroom into a luxurious wet room to fully immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere? Impey is the leading source of wet room inspiration, providing a huge range of specific wet room items and themes to help you craft the perfect room in your image.

No matter your vision for your new luxury wet room, Impey will have a style to match your vision. We can even install all their functional materials, like waterproof flooring, drainage solutions, and underfloor heating.

Impey accessories are designed with wet rooms in mind, ensuring that the entire space feels connected and consistent. They have elegant shower screens to separate out your shower unit, unique flooring that will dry efficiently and safely while also matching your walls or tiling, and specialist storage options that can blend right into the theme.

We can provide you with all these and more to ensure that your new room is exactly what you want. With a wet room inspired by Impey’s design, your guests will hardly want to leave!

How Bayliss selects luxury bathroom brands for you

We never compromise on our commitment to both style and functionality. A luxury bathroom shouldn’t just look amazing, it should feel amazing too, so we ensure that all the brands we choose to work with offer plenty of both!

If you’re thinking of making the luxury bathroom of your dreams a reality, get in touch with Bayliss Bathrooms today! Our expert bathroom designers are among the best in the business, helping craft, design, and build incredible bathrooms in Birmingham.

Not convinced? Visit our luxury bathroom showroom in Sutton Coldfield to see our work for yourself, call our office on 0121 362 1800, or email to find out more!

What makes a luxury bathroom? It’s a question we get asked a lot, but really the answer is down to the individual.

On many levels, “luxury” is subjective, with people defining various things as luxury based on their own perception. A luxury bath, watch, or car is different for different people, but it’s our job to ensure that anyone who uses your bathroom is wowed on entry!

So, what essential features go into crafting a luxury bathroom design, and what do you need to think about when redesigning your bathroom? Read on to find out!

How to Create a Luxury Bathroom

A luxury bathroom needs three major things:

We believe these to be the most important aspects of any luxury bathroom, while the rest is all up to your own personal preference.

Firstly, your style and theme can only be decided by you and your tastes. The types of tiles, fittings, and more will be somewhat determined by your favoured style or colour scheme, and your luxury bathroom accessories will also play into that.

Secondly, you may want to match your fittings in terms of design or finish, tying each useable aspect of your bathroom, such as taps, showerheads, towel radiators and more, together.

Lastly, what is a luxury bathroom without its stunning centrepiece? A raised bath on a marble platform, a marble double shower unit, or a stunning in-built hot tub for the perfect home spa experience.

The choice of centrepiece is ultimately yours and should depend on what you use your bathroom for most and want your bathroom to be to your guests.

Consider the Overall Design of Your Luxury Bathroom

One of the most important considerations when wondering how to make a bathroom feel luxurious is to consider and stick to a general theme. This will bring your whole bathroom together, rather than making it feel like several separate styles and fixtures all mashed together.

Your bathroom’s theme will dictate the fittings, fixtures, and furniture you choose to implement, and will probably also determine any tiles, flooring, or even carpet you choose to use.

A style could be anything from ‘art deco’ with a specific set of rules and ideas to follow, or as simple as “neutral” or “contrasts” to help guide colouring and materials choices.

Work with an expert bathroom designer to figure out what you need!

Do Your Luxury Bathroom Features Work Together?

Similar to your style, you need to consider whether all your features and fittings work together. Is your shower unit in the same or similar style to your bath? Are all your fixtures, including taps, shower heads, and towel radiators, the same colour? Do you have exposed or hidden pipework?

Consistency is a key aspect of luxury, and matching your choice of fittings will tie the room together in ways you may not have expected. It may even lead you to making matching design choices in the future or influence the style of mirror or accessories you chose to add.

Small Bathroom Additions that Make a Big Difference

Small luxury bath products, like storage solutions, decorative items, and luxury bathmats, help to tie the final bathroom together more than you might imagine. Even some top-end shower gels and shampoos could help you show off a little more!

The true luxury of a room is reflected in the detail, and small changes can make a big difference to your guests. When using the room multiple times a day, you may forget to notice the smallest details, but your guests absolutely will.

Succulents on the windowsill, waterproof artwork covering the walls, and even hanging lights can all work together to create a warm and welcoming space, and your guests could be just as interested in the detail and decoration you’ve made as the main fittings themselves!

These kinds of details are even more important if you are wondering how to make a small bathroom look luxurious, as attention to detail in a limited space can be even more crucial.

How Bayliss Bathrooms Can Help

Bayliss bathrooms are expert luxury bathroom designers based in Birmingham and the West Midlands. With more than 100 years of experience in luxury bathroom design and installation, you can trust us to design, deliver, and install your dream bathroom exactly how you envision it.

Get in touch today to start your journey towards a better bathroom and speak with an expert at our showroom in Sutton Coldfield today. Alternatively, call the office on 0121 362 1800 or email from the comfort of your home!

A trend that is currently rising in popularity for homeowners including a bespoke sauna in their bathroom at home, allowing you to fully relax at let off some steam without needing to pay to use one elsewhere.

While the idea is fantastic, can you really make a sauna bathroom work? The answer is a resounding yes but read on to find out how you can do it yourself and what you need to consider!

How You Build a Sauna In Your Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms are never an easy thing to plan, though they can be incredibly exciting projects for you and your home. You need to think about the theme, the fittings, and the materials that you want to use, and the help of a professional luxury bathroom designer will tie it all together.

If you’d like a sauna to improve the space, then you’ll want to think about your existing fittings and layout, along with the space you have available for such a project.

What Can a Bathroom Sauna and Steam Room Bring to Your Bathroom?

A sauna brings so much more than just a new space for relaxation to your bathroom. Depending on the style of sauna or steam room you go for, you could be getting a brand new, attractive centrepiece to draw the attention of your guests, or a stylish way to fill empty space that otherwise has no purpose.

Bathrooms not created by specialist luxury designers can often have empty spaces or odd design choices that need to be filled or covered, and filling these with a sauna or steam room (while also redesigning the rest of your bathroom) can make for a very welcome change.

Plus, a steam room bathroom can wow your guests in ways very few other fittings can, and it will give you an excuse to have company over to relax far more often.

The Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

It is undeniable that relaxing with a bathroom sauna or steam room can help to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing, especially during difficult periods when you just need to escape. This can often lead to indirect benefits, such as improving your sleep schedule and clearing your mind, which can lead to a better lifestyle.

Also, saunas are known to help relax muscles, improve blood flow, and improve the quality and health of your skin when used in moderation, meaning getting a bathroom steam room or sauna isn’t just for your mental benefit!

Some studies and health experts claim that saunas can also help those with chronic pain, speed up your metabolism, help improve the condition of your heart, and more, though some of these findings have been disputed.

Need Extra Room? Consider a Bathroom Extension

Sometimes, fitting in a brand-new sauna or steam room in your bathroom just isn’t possible with the current layout or size of the available space. This is often because non-luxury bathrooms are designed to be small and out of the way – something we disagree with.

Your bathroom should make a statement and fit the grander theme of your home, and sometimes that can only be achieved with a bathroom extension. Whether you are looking to combine a bathroom and toilet into one, or simply expand the space you have available by reducing the size of another room, a bathroom extension can help truly unlock your bathroom’s potential.

We can help support you with exactly that, working closely with you to come up with detailed plans and helping you reimagine your bathroom space into exactly what you want.

Thinking of a Bathroom Redesign? Bayliss is the Answer

To get your personal home spa exactly how you want it, you need the guiding touch of professional luxury bathroom designers.

Our showroom in Sutton Coldfield is open from Monday to Saturday, with more than 20 displays and friendly staff on hand to answer all your burning questions. Alternatively, our online gallery is available to view 24 hours a day, so you can get a taste of exactly what we’re capable of.

Call one of our friendly team on 0121 362 1800 or email and start bringing your dream bathroom to life!

When it comes to designing your perfect luxury bathroom, you will want to pick the fixtures and accessories that take it to a new level. However, it can be hard to know which trends are taking off and which materials and fixtures work in harmony.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of five features that our bathroom fitters in the West Midlands love that could help elevate your bathroom. Looking to wow your guests the next time they come over? Read on to find out how!

1. Bespoke Taps and Basins

Something that will be used almost every time someone goes into your bathroom is the washbasin and associated taps. Incorporating a bespoke, specialist basin with an interesting design of finish could grab the attention of your guests.

An indented granite bowl or a hanging stone basin could be the perfect design choice to complement your bathroom. Twinned with a metallic, single-channel or tall, curved tap may also draw attention to your exquisite design taste.   

2. Double Shower Spaces

One of our favourite fittings to include in current bathroom designs is a separate, standing double shower area.

This type of fitting, often included as part of a luxury wet room design or with clean, sleek, glass walls in a standard bathroom, provides more than enough space for a couple to shower together and individually.

Some shower units can feel cramped when scrubbing as your arms can clatter into the walls, or when cleaning the fitting itself, something that is exaggerated when more than one person is using it. This problem is completely eliminated with a double shower, opening the room up and giving you a much more relaxed shower experience.

Plus, these spaces often come with an elegant shelving or storage solution for your shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners, which fits in with the elegant feel of your bathroom as a whole.

3. Smart Toilets

A modern essential: smart toilets come with a range of fantastic features to improve the experience of your bathroom. From heated seats to motion-sensor lids, a smart toilet may impress your guests so much they may never want to leave!

Especially pleasant in the colder months, the heated seat twinned with an in-built, auto-cleaning bidet and deodoriser can result in a refreshing and cleansing experience every time you visit the bathroom.

The best bit? Smart toilets are often shaped elegantly, with curves along the body and a clean, disguised control panel, meaning they fit seamlessly into almost any bathroom!

4. A Freestanding Bath

One of the most eye-catching and elegant features of any modern bathroom is a return to the classic freestanding bath. Often elevated off the ground on four legs, or installed centrally in a luxury wet room, this style of bath is a return to form for British bathrooms.

The best part of this style of bath is that you aren’t limited on where you can position it – you are free to move it away from the walls of your bathroom and could even place it by a window if you’d like some nice views while you bathe.

These types of baths are available in virtually any colour and in several different shapes to fit the theme and style of your bathroom, no matter your tastes.

5. Introduce Some Personalised Accessories

Finally, there’s no better way to lift your bathroom to the next level than to add a personal touch, something that really marks the bathroom as your own.

One of our favourite things to include in a bathroom is greenery; hanging plants or standing trees in the corner can add a touch of colour in an otherwise rather monochrome room. While all-white tiles and glass partitions will create a sense of cleanliness, plants will add life and vibrancy, while also acting as a kind of centrepiece themselves.

You may also wish to include some of your favourite artwork, ceramic figures, or storage solutions to add an additional personal flair.

Get in Touch with Bayliss Bathrooms

We are the experts for bathroom design in Harborne, Edgbaston, and the Birmingham area, with more than 100 years of experience designing luxury bathrooms, exactly to our clients’ specifications.

As experienced residential bathroom designers and commercial bathroom installers, Bayliss can tackle all your luxury bathroom needs, no matter the size of your project. Our long list of trusted suppliers gives you plenty of choice when it comes to fixtures and fittings.

Visit our luxury bathroom showrooms in the West Midlands to see our work for yourself or get in touch with our team by calling 0121 362 1800 or emailing

One of the nicest parts about using a bathroom design service is that you can pick exactly how you’d like your new bathroom to look. If you like to keep up with modern trends, prefer a more traditional look, or want to completely design it yourself, the freedom to do so is entirely with you.

A popular choice for bathroom architects is an ‘Art Deco’ bathroom, which aims to embrace both old and new in a stylish yet modern combination. Read on to find out more about Art Deco bathrooms and how Bayliss can bring your vision to life!

Art Deco Bathrooms Aim to Dazzle … But Not Too Much

The main point of an Art Deco bathroom is to make a statement and stand out, but not by doing anything too bold with the design choices. This is often done by combining older, more traditional facility styles with modern countertops and other design aspects.

For example, Art Deco often uses simple, symmetrical, geometric shapes to create an eye-catching, contrasting design, while predominantly using black and white to keep it looking clean. Your utilities will want to be simple yet elegant, often using chrome for pipework and taps and marble to finish.

The classic pedestal sink or a dipped, cylindrical bath are perfect examples of Art Deco design choices, especially when twinned with square, marble countertops and chrome piping.

Plus, these types of bathrooms will often be finished with white tiles, though the design and shape can be entirely up to you. Keeping with the geometric theme, you may wish to have hexagonal tiles over standard square ones, or you may choose to colour the corners black to create a distinct pattern.

Art Deco is Appealing Because of Its Personality

While the Art Deco style is quite easily recognisable, the beauty of this design choice is that there is plenty of personal freedom when it comes to designing your bathroom.

Provided that the basic concepts and ideas are adopted into the overall theme, you aren’t forced to choose specific brands or fittings to tie it all together. You have the creative freedom you need to express yourself!

Many people like to take inspiration from the 1920s and 30s regarding fixtures, lighting, and tiling options. For example, you may choose to incorporate a bold, interestingly shaped chandelier in the middle of the room, or a black and white patterned tile choice reminiscent of those in richer households in the early 20th century.

You can also add your own accessories, like plants or mirrors, to an Art Deco design without compromising the underlying style, giving you even more creative freedom to make yourself feel at home.

How Bayliss Bathrooms can help bring your Art Deco bathroom to life

As a leading designer and installer of bathrooms in Birmingham, Bayliss are the experts when it comes to making your dreams a reality. We take a project managed and collaborative approach to ensure your ideas and our expertise combine effectively to create the perfect result every time.

For Art Deco bathrooms, we will first design a bathroom that suits all your needs and incorporates your chosen theme, exactly how you like it. We will do this by suggesting some appropriate fixtures, tiles, and features from our wide range of specialist suppliers to help compliment the style you’d like.

We will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the design right through the process.  Once finalised, we’ll install everything ourselves and your new bathroom will be ready to show off to all your guests!

We will manage the project from start to finish, meaning you don’t need to go out and contact multiple contractors to get the job done. We’ll also make sure to communicate with you throughout every stage of the project to ensure you are totally happy with the outcome.

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Bayliss Bathrooms are the go-to experts for bathroom design in Edgbaston, Sutton Coldfield, and the Birmingham area. We have almost 100 years of experience in creating perfect luxury bathrooms for our clients, exactly to their specifications.

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Your bathroom is a little pocket of luxury within your home, protected from the stresses of the outside world. Ensuring the longevity of this space is crucial to maintaining its relaxing aura.

Therefore, when designing your dream luxury bathroom and investing in a remodel, you want the results to be timeless – leaving a lasting stamp of identity on your home.

Below we have outlined 3 key things to consider when it comes to installing your dream bathroom and ensuring it maintains its luxurious and contemporary feel in the long run.

Choosing materials that stand the test of time

When it comes to bathrooms, many materials may look attractive and durable, but only very few can deliver this. That’s why it is important to consider which materials you’re using to help ensure you’re creating bathroom envy far into the future.

Some of the most important material considerations for longevity will be for your bathroom ceiling, wall, and floor tiling.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles is a trend that pops up again and again – and for good reason. This trend mimics an illusion of space and luxury, adding an element of cohesion to your room, while also being resistant to damage.

Porcelain tiles, for example, are more dense than other kinds of tiles. This not only make them more damage proof, meaning that dropping heavy items won’t break them, but they’re also less porous and therefore more waterproof and resistant to mould.

Our partners Grespania Ceramica are world-renowned and boast an inspiring range of tasteful colours and interesting textures in their tiles. Their tiling options come in a range of colours and styles to keep your bathroom feeling modern, too.

When selecting your tiles, it is also important to consider their sizing. For example, when installing a luxury wet room, we recommend using larger tiles to minimise grout lines, preventing it from housing any mould.

A large tile face also improves the waterproofing of the room. To get your own tiling inspiration and to discuss your options with specialist bathroom installers in Edgbaston, visit our bathroom showroom today.

Carefully considering your furnishings

A timeless bathroom will have stylish furniture and carefully implemented furnishings, as well as reducing clutter to create a place of sanctuary. Moreover, having less in your room creates a focus on the quality and longevity of the items that you do have.

This focus is otherwise known as a centrepiece and is a stylish and luxurious touch to any bathroom. It gives the room purpose and cohesion, tying together all the elements of your room. A freestanding bath or a double walk-in shower work as a great centrepiece.

Another bathroom update that can increase longevity is a luxury wet room. Not only are they a great way to remove clutter and create a timeless look, but they also add a luxurious and seamless flow to your room. A luxury wet room is perfect for anyone wanting a spacious bathroom that won’t quickly age or become outdated. A wet room is also great for longevity as the undisrupted surfaces make it easier to clean and maintain.

Investing in sustainable storage units can also be a great addition to your bathroom. Like a luxury wet room, storage units seek to clear up space in your room in a way that can be timeless and luxurious. Using sustainable materials such as wood adds warmth to your home, as well as providing substantial durability.

Invest in your technology

Your bathroom fixtures are the cogs that keep your bathroom going, from your taps to your showerhead.

Selecting a good quality tap is integral to your luxury bathroom dreams becoming a reality. Our partners at Hansgrohe have this in mind when crafting their luxury products, combining eco-friendly technologies with the promises and comforts of luxury.

For example, they use Airpower technology to aerate and enrich their water flow. This involves creating drops that are smooth and soothing to the touch, falling back into the basin without splashing. Their product also helps to conserve water and energy, providing longevity environmentally and economically.

Their taps can also come with adjustable heights meaning one tap can perform many purposes and functions. If this wasn’t enough, the longevity of their designs and performance is cemented by their five-year guarantee. 

Read our blog on the topic to find out more about technologies that are as durable as they are eco-friendly.

The Bayliss Experience 

At Bayliss Bathrooms, we offer so much more than just bathroom installation. Our bathroom fitters in the West Midlands deliver dreams and promises of luxury and comfort.

Unlike other high end bathroom companies, we take a unique, project-managed stance with our work. This helps us transform your bathroom and take care of the project at every stage, from conception to installation and even preservation.

The longevity of your bathroom will be preserved by our expert in-house fitters, so you can rest assured that your bathroom will be fitted without fault. If this wasn’t enough, all our work is also secured with a two-year guarantee.

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Installing a new bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding project, especially when you see your hard work materialise into a beautiful and functional new space. However, achieving this can be a complex and time-consuming process and there are a lot of smaller details to consider.

Are you thinking about having your bathroom remodelled, but nervous about the potential problems that could arise when installing your dream bathroom? Don’t worry, we offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish service, so read on to learn more about the key stages of installation and how we ensure a painless process for our clients.

1) Meticulous planning and design work

We know that before any construction work begins, it is important to plan and design your new bathroom for three main reasons.

Firstly, you want to make sure that the process is efficiently yet truthfully time managed, with a clear understanding of procedure and with effective measures in place to cope with and minimise delays.

Secondly, you want to ensure that your bathroom has a functional layout with the right fixtures to meet your needs, with each one set up correctly from the start.

Lastly, you want to create a stylish space to add to your home. You will want to be able to admire your new bathroom while also having all the functionality you need!

By working with a bathroom interior designer to draw up your plans, you can help ensure that all these necessary aspects are considered. These initial plans can also help you identify the specialist skills required to complete your renovation, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and tiling.

Explore our top tips for planning a new bathroom.

2) Clear out your existing bathroom!

After the planning and design work is completed, you will need to empty your current bathroom, including demolishing any existing fixtures, cupboards, and walls to clear out the space ready for your dream bathroom.

If required, you may also need to remove old plumbing, electrical wiring, and insulation, as well as ensuring your walls are levelled and any necessary plasterboard is fitted.

Don’t worry – your specialist bathroom installer will happily complete this process for you, but to help them as much as possible before they arrive, consider removing all personal belongings from the bathroom first!

3) Tiling your floors and walls

Next, you will need to lay your tiles, which can be quite a lengthy process due to the large surface area that needs to be covered.

As tiles are water-resistant, so it is advised that bathrooms are tiled anywhere the wall may be exposed to water splashes. This includes the bottom half of the wall, close around the toilet, or the entire bathroom wall, especially if you’re planning to install a luxury wet room or walk in shower.

We will source the tiles on your behalf, in accordance with the style and design that you desire, and our technicians will fit them as part of the installation process, helping you to save both time and money with your installation.

4) Plumbing and electrics

This is where things get slightly more complicated. When renovating your bathroom, our specialists may need to install new water and waste lines for your new sanitaryware and other fixtures, including your toilet, basins, bath, or shower.

To meet your new bathroom interior design plans, we may also need to rewire your electrics for new lighting, an extractor fan, or for installing underfloor heating.

Luckily, we are experts at sourcing and installing the right equipment for your needs. We are partnered with several leading brands within the industry to ensure you receive products that are both appropriate and reliable, helping prevent any leaks or other issues from arising in the future.

5) Finishing Touches

Finally, it’s time to add the last few personal touches – from painting or wallpapering the walls to adding decorative items such as artwork and plants. Your dream bathroom has now, officially, come to life!

Simplify your renovation with our all-in-one design and installation solution…
At Bayliss Bathrooms, we offer a unique luxury bathroom installation service. Our all-in-one solution simplifies your bathroom renovation project as we provide a single contract which covers all services, from designing to fully installing your new bathroom, including all plumbing and electrical work.

We have a team of experienced designers and architects who will work closely with you to design the perfect bathroom for your needs. This design will then be turned into reality by our experienced in-house installers.

We even project manage your new bathroom renovation, with all queries handled directly by our team, to ensure a stress-free and seamless installation process. This means you can sit back, relax, and watch your dream bathroom materialise.

Bayliss Bathrooms

Our professional designers, architects, and bathroom fitters in Birmingham specialise in creating luxury bathrooms that are built for relaxation, with expert design, a professional finish, and only using the highest-quality brands and materials.

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We are proud to continue the Bayliss tradition. After being first established in 1929, we are now one of the leading bathroom specialists in the Midlands.


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