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5 Features Bathroom Designers Love That Will Elevate Your Space

Posted: Jul 17
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When it comes to designing your perfect luxury bathroom, you will want to pick the fixtures and accessories that take it to a new level. However, it can be hard to know which trends are taking off and which materials and fixtures work in harmony.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of five features that our bathroom fitters in the West Midlands love that could help elevate your bathroom. Looking to wow your guests the next time they come over? Read on to find out how!

1. Bespoke Taps and Basins

Something that will be used almost every time someone goes into your bathroom is the washbasin and associated taps. Incorporating a bespoke, specialist basin with an interesting design of finish could grab the attention of your guests.

An indented granite bowl or a hanging stone basin could be the perfect design choice to complement your bathroom. Twinned with a metallic, single-channel or tall, curved tap may also draw attention to your exquisite design taste.   

2. Double Shower Spaces

One of our favourite fittings to include in current bathroom designs is a separate, standing double shower area.

This type of fitting, often included as part of a luxury wet room design or with clean, sleek, glass walls in a standard bathroom, provides more than enough space for a couple to shower together and individually.

Some shower units can feel cramped when scrubbing as your arms can clatter into the walls, or when cleaning the fitting itself, something that is exaggerated when more than one person is using it. This problem is completely eliminated with a double shower, opening the room up and giving you a much more relaxed shower experience.

Plus, these spaces often come with an elegant shelving or storage solution for your shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners, which fits in with the elegant feel of your bathroom as a whole.

3. Smart Toilets

A modern essential: smart toilets come with a range of fantastic features to improve the experience of your bathroom. From heated seats to motion-sensor lids, a smart toilet may impress your guests so much they may never want to leave!

Especially pleasant in the colder months, the heated seat twinned with an in-built, auto-cleaning bidet and deodoriser can result in a refreshing and cleansing experience every time you visit the bathroom.

The best bit? Smart toilets are often shaped elegantly, with curves along the body and a clean, disguised control panel, meaning they fit seamlessly into almost any bathroom!

4. A Freestanding Bath

One of the most eye-catching and elegant features of any modern bathroom is a return to the classic freestanding bath. Often elevated off the ground on four legs, or installed centrally in a luxury wet room, this style of bath is a return to form for British bathrooms.

The best part of this style of bath is that you aren’t limited on where you can position it – you are free to move it away from the walls of your bathroom and could even place it by a window if you’d like some nice views while you bathe.

These types of baths are available in virtually any colour and in several different shapes to fit the theme and style of your bathroom, no matter your tastes.

5. Introduce Some Personalised Accessories

Finally, there’s no better way to lift your bathroom to the next level than to add a personal touch, something that really marks the bathroom as your own.

One of our favourite things to include in a bathroom is greenery; hanging plants or standing trees in the corner can add a touch of colour in an otherwise rather monochrome room. While all-white tiles and glass partitions will create a sense of cleanliness, plants will add life and vibrancy, while also acting as a kind of centrepiece themselves.

You may also wish to include some of your favourite artwork, ceramic figures, or storage solutions to add an additional personal flair.

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