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How to Ensure Bathroom Longevity

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 18 May 2023
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Your bathroom is a little pocket of luxury within your home, protected from the stresses of the outside world. Ensuring the longevity of this space is crucial to maintaining its relaxing aura.

Therefore, when designing your dream luxury bathroom and investing in a remodel, you want the results to be timeless – leaving a lasting stamp of identity on your home.

Below we have outlined 3 key things to consider when it comes to installing your dream bathroom and ensuring it maintains its luxurious and contemporary feel in the long run.

Choosing materials that stand the test of time

When it comes to bathrooms, many materials may look attractive and durable, but only very few can deliver this. That’s why it is important to consider which materials you’re using to help ensure you’re creating bathroom envy far into the future.

Some of the most important material considerations for longevity will be for your bathroom ceiling, wall, and floor tiling.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles is a trend that pops up again and again – and for good reason. This trend mimics an illusion of space and luxury, adding an element of cohesion to your room, while also being resistant to damage.

Porcelain tiles, for example, are more dense than other kinds of tiles. This not only make them more damage proof, meaning that dropping heavy items won’t break them, but they’re also less porous and therefore more waterproof and resistant to mould.

Our partners Grespania Ceramica are world-renowned and boast an inspiring range of tasteful colours and interesting textures in their tiles. Their tiling options come in a range of colours and styles to keep your bathroom feeling modern, too.

When selecting your tiles, it is also important to consider their sizing. For example, when installing a luxury wet room, we recommend using larger tiles to minimise grout lines, preventing it from housing any mould.

A large tile face also improves the waterproofing of the room. To get your own tiling inspiration and to discuss your options with specialist bathroom installers in Edgbaston, visit our bathroom showroom today.

Carefully considering your furnishings

A timeless bathroom will have stylish furniture and carefully implemented furnishings, as well as reducing clutter to create a place of sanctuary. Moreover, having less in your room creates a focus on the quality and longevity of the items that you do have.

This focus is otherwise known as a centrepiece and is a stylish and luxurious touch to any bathroom. It gives the room purpose and cohesion, tying together all the elements of your room. A freestanding bath or a double walk-in shower work as a great centrepiece.

Another bathroom update that can increase longevity is a luxury wet room. Not only are they a great way to remove clutter and create a timeless look, but they also add a luxurious and seamless flow to your room. A luxury wet room is perfect for anyone wanting a spacious bathroom that won’t quickly age or become outdated. A wet room is also great for longevity as the undisrupted surfaces make it easier to clean and maintain.

Investing in sustainable storage units can also be a great addition to your bathroom. Like a luxury wet room, storage units seek to clear up space in your room in a way that can be timeless and luxurious. Using sustainable materials such as wood adds warmth to your home, as well as providing substantial durability.

Invest in your technology

Your bathroom fixtures are the cogs that keep your bathroom going, from your taps to your showerhead.

Selecting a good quality tap is integral to your luxury bathroom dreams becoming a reality. Our partners at Hansgrohe have this in mind when crafting their luxury products, combining eco-friendly technologies with the promises and comforts of luxury.

For example, they use Airpower technology to aerate and enrich their water flow. This involves creating drops that are smooth and soothing to the touch, falling back into the basin without splashing. Their product also helps to conserve water and energy, providing longevity environmentally and economically.

Their taps can also come with adjustable heights meaning one tap can perform many purposes and functions. If this wasn’t enough, the longevity of their designs and performance is cemented by their five-year guarantee. 

Read our blog on the topic to find out more about technologies that are as durable as they are eco-friendly.

The Bayliss Experience 

At Bayliss Bathrooms, we offer so much more than just bathroom installation. Our bathroom fitters in the West Midlands deliver dreams and promises of luxury and comfort.

Unlike other high end bathroom companies, we take a unique, project-managed stance with our work. This helps us transform your bathroom and take care of the project at every stage, from conception to installation and even preservation.

The longevity of your bathroom will be preserved by our expert in-house fitters, so you can rest assured that your bathroom will be fitted without fault. If this wasn’t enough, all our work is also secured with a two-year guarantee.

Start your bathroom renovation journey today by visiting our showroom in Sutton Coldfield, calling us on 0121 362 1800, or emailing

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