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Trend Spotlight: Art Deco – A Bathroom Designer’s Thoughts

Posted: Jun 26
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One of the nicest parts about using a bathroom design service is that you can pick exactly how you’d like your new bathroom to look. If you like to keep up with modern trends, prefer a more traditional look, or want to completely design it yourself, the freedom to do so is entirely with you.

A popular choice for bathroom architects is an ‘Art Deco’ bathroom, which aims to embrace both old and new in a stylish yet modern combination. Read on to find out more about Art Deco bathrooms and how Bayliss can bring your vision to life!

Art Deco Bathrooms Aim to Dazzle … But Not Too Much

The main point of an Art Deco bathroom is to make a statement and stand out, but not by doing anything too bold with the design choices. This is often done by combining older, more traditional facility styles with modern countertops and other design aspects.

For example, Art Deco often uses simple, symmetrical, geometric shapes to create an eye-catching, contrasting design, while predominantly using black and white to keep it looking clean. Your utilities will want to be simple yet elegant, often using chrome for pipework and taps and marble to finish.

The classic pedestal sink or a dipped, cylindrical bath are perfect examples of Art Deco design choices, especially when twinned with square, marble countertops and chrome piping.

Plus, these types of bathrooms will often be finished with white tiles, though the design and shape can be entirely up to you. Keeping with the geometric theme, you may wish to have hexagonal tiles over standard square ones, or you may choose to colour the corners black to create a distinct pattern.

Art Deco is Appealing Because of Its Personality

While the Art Deco style is quite easily recognisable, the beauty of this design choice is that there is plenty of personal freedom when it comes to designing your bathroom.

Provided that the basic concepts and ideas are adopted into the overall theme, you aren’t forced to choose specific brands or fittings to tie it all together. You have the creative freedom you need to express yourself!

Many people like to take inspiration from the 1920s and 30s regarding fixtures, lighting, and tiling options. For example, you may choose to incorporate a bold, interestingly shaped chandelier in the middle of the room, or a black and white patterned tile choice reminiscent of those in richer households in the early 20th century.

You can also add your own accessories, like plants or mirrors, to an Art Deco design without compromising the underlying style, giving you even more creative freedom to make yourself feel at home.

How Bayliss Bathrooms can help bring your Art Deco bathroom to life

As a leading designer and installer of bathrooms in Birmingham, Bayliss are the experts when it comes to making your dreams a reality. We take a project managed and collaborative approach to ensure your ideas and our expertise combine effectively to create the perfect result every time.

For Art Deco bathrooms, we will first design a bathroom that suits all your needs and incorporates your chosen theme, exactly how you like it. We will do this by suggesting some appropriate fixtures, tiles, and features from our wide range of specialist suppliers to help compliment the style you’d like.

We will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the design right through the process.  Once finalised, we’ll install everything ourselves and your new bathroom will be ready to show off to all your guests!

We will manage the project from start to finish, meaning you don’t need to go out and contact multiple contractors to get the job done. We’ll also make sure to communicate with you throughout every stage of the project to ensure you are totally happy with the outcome.

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