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Can I Turn My Bathroom Into a Sauna? Absolutely, Here’s How

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 15 August 2023
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A trend that is currently rising in popularity for homeowners including a bespoke sauna in their bathroom at home, allowing you to fully relax at let off some steam without needing to pay to use one elsewhere.

While the idea is fantastic, can you really make a sauna bathroom work? The answer is a resounding yes but read on to find out how you can do it yourself and what you need to consider!

How You Build a Sauna In Your Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms are never an easy thing to plan, though they can be incredibly exciting projects for you and your home. You need to think about the theme, the fittings, and the materials that you want to use, and the help of a professional luxury bathroom designer will tie it all together.

If you’d like a sauna to improve the space, then you’ll want to think about your existing fittings and layout, along with the space you have available for such a project.

What Can a Bathroom Sauna and Steam Room Bring to Your Bathroom?

A sauna brings so much more than just a new space for relaxation to your bathroom. Depending on the style of sauna or steam room you go for, you could be getting a brand new, attractive centrepiece to draw the attention of your guests, or a stylish way to fill empty space that otherwise has no purpose.

Bathrooms not created by specialist luxury designers can often have empty spaces or odd design choices that need to be filled or covered, and filling these with a sauna or steam room (while also redesigning the rest of your bathroom) can make for a very welcome change.

Plus, a steam room bathroom can wow your guests in ways very few other fittings can, and it will give you an excuse to have company over to relax far more often.

The Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

It is undeniable that relaxing with a bathroom sauna or steam room can help to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing, especially during difficult periods when you just need to escape. This can often lead to indirect benefits, such as improving your sleep schedule and clearing your mind, which can lead to a better lifestyle.

Also, saunas are known to help relax muscles, improve blood flow, and improve the quality and health of your skin when used in moderation, meaning getting a bathroom steam room or sauna isn’t just for your mental benefit!

Some studies and health experts claim that saunas can also help those with chronic pain, speed up your metabolism, help improve the condition of your heart, and more, though some of these findings have been disputed.

Need Extra Room? Consider a Bathroom Extension

Sometimes, fitting in a brand-new sauna or steam room in your bathroom just isn’t possible with the current layout or size of the available space. This is often because non-luxury bathrooms are designed to be small and out of the way – something we disagree with.

Your bathroom should make a statement and fit the grander theme of your home, and sometimes that can only be achieved with a bathroom extension. Whether you are looking to combine a bathroom and toilet into one, or simply expand the space you have available by reducing the size of another room, a bathroom extension can help truly unlock your bathroom’s potential.

We can help support you with exactly that, working closely with you to come up with detailed plans and helping you reimagine your bathroom space into exactly what you want.

Thinking of a Bathroom Redesign? Bayliss is the Answer

To get your personal home spa exactly how you want it, you need the guiding touch of professional luxury bathroom designers.

Our showroom in Sutton Coldfield is open from Monday to Saturday, with more than 20 displays and friendly staff on hand to answer all your burning questions. Alternatively, our online gallery is available to view 24 hours a day, so you can get a taste of exactly what we’re capable of.

Call one of our friendly team on 0121 362 1800 or email and start bringing your dream bathroom to life!

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