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5 Signs You Need to Update/Renovate Your Bathroom

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 12 April 2023
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The bathroom is the unsung hero of the home. It should be an area of comfort and relaxation, so it’s important that yours is as perfect as can be – but how do you know if your bathroom is ready for an update or renovation?

Breathing new life into your bathroom with modern and fresh designs can help bring your bathroom back to life, removing tired looking tiles or furnishings. It can create that luxury space you need for mindful relaxation and help to wow your guests when they visit.

So, does your bathroom need updating or renovating? Look out for these five signs outlined by our experts below.

1) Your Bathroom Looks Like it Needs a Facelift

Is your bathroom starting to look a bit tired and outdated? It might mean that your bathroom is ready for some TLC.

If you’re thinking of updating your bathroom, remember to opt for a timeless approach such as natural and light-coloured materials. Trends can quickly pass, but the right décor can help you create a bathroom that is built for longevity.

Marble is a great option for a timeless material. Not only is it extremely durable and space enhancing, but it also adds an elegant sheen that will always be synonymous with luxury. If you’d like a contrast to this that won’t age, try to experiment with textures rather than patterns such as woods and polished metals like nickel.

If you want to modernise but you’re not sure where to start, you can always work in tandem with the architect for your bathroom remodel. At Bayliss, our experts are always happy to provide suggestions to make the perfect space for you!

2) Your Bathroom is Lacking Personality

If you have recently purchased your home, you are probably using a bathroom that was initially designed for someone else.

Luckily, our endless choice of colour palettes, themes, and centrepieces provide an array of choices for personalisation. At Bayliss, our partners are of the highest standard in the industry, so no idea is too unrealistic. We also believe that one of the best ways to add a touch of you into your dream bathroom is through bespoke design.

Our brand partners offer many opportunities for this bespoke touch, such as the option to choose the colour of your bathtub from Victoria and Albert’s 199 options.

As one of the leading bathroom fitters in the West Midlands, our bespoke project management ensures a fully personalised project from conception. By informing your architect on your likes and dislikes, they can create a specialist design to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life.

3) Your Bathroom is Overcrowded

Whether growing your family or your collection of rubber ducks, space always seems to be getting smaller. However, remodelling your bathroom can help with this.

One great way to achieve this is installing a luxury wet room in partnership with an expert wet bathroom architect. This removes the obstructive objects and partitions, opening the room up to form one seamless space.

Another way to faux space without having to extend or knock down any walls is retiling. Continuous floor-to-ceiling tiles removes the clatter of clashing prints and creates an illusion of infinite wall space.

Try this in light-coloured ceramic or marble tiles to spread the light around the room through the tile’s inherent reflective qualities. Our partners at Grespania Ceramica house a remarkable range of textured marble and ceramic tiles which provide a way to add interest to your room without making it feel claustrophobic.

4) Your Bathroom Isn’t Very Eco-Friendly

Being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly important. Whether swear by baths or enjoy the spritz of a shower, your bathroom fixtures can play a major role is making your home eco-friendlier.

Simple readjustments, such as installing a smart shower head, can have massive benefits for the environment and for your finances, saving up to 60% of water per shower! This helps conserve energy and reduce your water bills. Smart shower heads don’t compromise water pressure or style, and some even come with added features like a massage mode!

Installing underfloor heating is another great way to increase the efficiency of your bathroom whilst considering your impact on the environment. It adds a modern sleekness to your bathroom, clearing up space and allowing for that luxurious touch.

Read our previous blog on eco-friendly bathrooms to find out more about making your bathroom more energy efficient while also ensuring luxury.

5) The Bathroom Isn’t Fit for Your Luxury Purpose

Your bathroom is more than just a room of utility, it’s a haven for relaxation and detox. Even the smallest amendments can make a world of difference.

A free-standing bathtub works as the ultimate luxurious centrepiece for any bathroom. It reinforces the message that self-care and relaxation is at the heart of this room. Many extras can be added to this to increase feelings of calm such as added mood lighting to the base of the bath.

An alternative luxury centrepiece for your bathroom is a double basin/double walk-in shower. Having the added space not only adds an element of convenience but it also helps to continue the calm and luxurious flow to every aspect of the space, with no overcrowding.

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