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Planning A New Bathroom – Top Tips

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 15 May 2023
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ere at Bayliss Bathrooms we live and breathe bathrooms. We know all the rules and pro tips to use to transform your bathroom into a WOW bathroom. When you have made the decision to update and upgrade your space we always advise you to visit us in our luxury bathroom showroom in Birmingham. You will be able to explore all of our displays featuring beautifully crafted, quality products that will help inspire you, chat with our professional team who can help guide you, and of course sit down with our expert designers who will work with you to design a new bathroom suited to your taste, lifestyle, and budget. 

Before Your Visit

Of course, you will naturally start to plan out your new bathroom before you step foot in our showroom. In fact, let’s be honest you have probably spent the last few months planning, wondering where to put the new bath? Do you even need a bath? The sink is in the corner but shall and can I move it? I know when I plan any sort of project these things run through my mind before I’ve even committed to the project. So with that in mind, I asked our experts for their top design tips and things to consider when you design a new bathroom. 

Top 5 New Bathroom Design Tips

1. Consider the Space

Trying to cram too much into a small space will not leave you with a luxe and relaxing finish. Look at your room, if it’s too small for your requirements can you borrow space from another room or remove an old airing cupboard? If you can’t create a new space decide if you really need everything on your list? Is a separate bath and shower necessary? Do you need a double sink? It is all worth carefully considering as you want your bathroom to feel airy and tranquil.

2. The view upon entrance

Take time to consider this a wow moment. When you open your bathroom door for the first time you want to see the key piece of your room; your bath or basin, ideally not the toilet. 

3. Don’t overlook lighting

Adaptive lighting or multi lighting systems are a wonderful addition to a new bathroom. It will allow you to make sure the lighting is right for your needs. Ie a lighted mirror is perfect for makeup or shaving while uplights and LEDs will allow you to create a soft mood lighting perfect for a soak in the tub after a long day. 

4. Storage 

Don’t overlook the need for storage in your new bathroom design. We all love a nice, clean, clutter-free room but we all the shampoo bottles and toilet roll to go somewhere! If you want a showroom finish we need to find clever ways to incorporate it. This is where expert planning comes in. Discuss with your designer your lifestyle and family needs. Naturally, a busy family bathroom is going to need more storage than a master Ensuite for example. 

5. Choose quality 

We all have budgets to work within and our designers are dab hands at making your budget stretch as far and wide as it can to deliver you a dream bathroom. But when it comes to choosing your bath, toilet, sink, and accessories always choose quality. Your new bathroom should last you a decade if not more so investing in quality is a good way to ensure your bathroom will be around long after you start itching for something new all over again.

Round Up

The above were just some of the things that came up when I posed this question to the design team, there were many, many more which I will share soon. But in all honesty what really came up time and time again is making sure you visit the showroom and put together a proper design with a professional, there really is no comparison. 

One Last Tip

When you do visit the showroom to design your new dream bathroom please make sure you bring accurate measurements including doors and windows plus a list of must-haves, would likes, and definite no’s that way we can make sure we design accurately as well as include your dream features within your budget. 

For more information or to book a design visit, visit our showroom in Birmingham or contact us to arrange a suitable time and date.

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