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How to Pick the Right Luxury Bathroom Designer for you

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 15 November 2023
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our luxury bathroom design choices are entirely unique and personal to you, which means you want the perfect bathroom designer to handle the project. That way, you can bring your vision and dreams to life and rest easy knowing that it will be completed exactly as you expect.

That’s why carefully choosing the right people to work with is crucial. You need to have the confidence that they will not only get the job done, but they’ll do it perfectly in the process.

Here are our top tips to ensure that you choose to work with only the best luxury bathroom designers for your home!

Make Sure their Previous Work is to Your Standards

There’re few better ways to judge the work of a bathroom designer than by their previous work. Through online galleries, social media posts, in-person showrooms, and even reviews from customers, you can gauge the quality and professionalism of a company.

Pay close attention to the different styles and feelings they express in their work and translate them to your own vision. Think about how their expertise and experience could work in your favour or reach out to a member of their team and find out how they could accommodate you.

Seeing previous work could also help inspire you, helping you explore the possibility of incorporating materials or trends you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. Experiencing different ideas and styles is part of the joy of designing your own new luxury bathroom!

If the images they post or showroom examples of a particular company give you the type of vibe you enjoy, consider getting in touch to organise early discussions.

Check our online gallery to see if our previous work is the right fit for you!

Are they Experienced in Luxury Bathroom Designs?

On a similar vein, you need to make sure that the designers you look for are truly specialists in luxury. Regular bathroom design companies can make a bathroom look and feel pleasant and relaxing, but luxury can be found in the details.

Look at the examples of their recent work and ask yourself:

  • Are they partnered with reputable and reliable luxury brands, providing you with comfort and durability?
  • Do they use the best materials throughout their designs?
  • Can they demonstrate their expertise in a range of skills and styles? Are these styles consistent throughout?
  • Have they made the most of all available space?

Luxury is about more than just expense – you need to be sure your designers can provide nothing but the best quality and consistent theming.

Do they Share your Luxury Bathroom Vision?

Once talking directly with the team, you can ask specific questions regarding your ideas and the viability of your vision and find out whether you will be able to work together. Whether you’re looking for a very specific theme or simply want to include a certain concept in your final design.

It is incredibly important that you click with your designers, as this will open the door to clear and collaborative communication during the working process. This can also make you feel more comfortable bouncing ideas off them and suggesting alterations during the design process, guaranteeing that you will be satisfied with the final product.

After all, your luxury bathroom should be nothing short of perfect, and the right designer will help you achieve that without issue.  

Do they have the Right Skillset?

Another important factor to consider is whether your designer has the skills and expertise necessary to achieve everything you need. Are they just going to handle the design process, or will they manage your fittings, fixtures, flooring, and more the whole way through?

At Bayliss Bathrooms, we provide a comprehensive project managed experience comprised of five distinct stages that ensures expert care and attention every step of the way. From holding initial meetings with you to cleaning up on the final day, we will work closely with you to perfect every final detail.

We make sure we understand you and your vision, allowing us to design and organise every aspect of your bathroom, from the layout of the room and your flooring material right down to the precise taps and pipework we install, exactly to your taste.

We ensure your lighting fixtures are selected carefully to compliment the mood and theme that you desire, along with a matching centrepiece, countertops, taps, and more to tie the room together.

The best bit? We will handle everything ourselves, meaning you needn’t contact different contractors for lighting, fixtures, or flooring!

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