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Bringing Luxury Design to Small Bathrooms

Written By: Bayliss Bathrooms
Published: 13 December 2023
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When people think about luxury bathroom design, they often imagine large, grandiose rooms with stunning centrepieces, intricate displays, mood lighting, and more.

While this is a good example, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as even the smallest bathrooms can be luxurious when designed correctly.

Read on to find out our philosophy when designing small luxury bathrooms and what we could do for yours!

How we design small luxury bathrooms

Bringing luxury to small spaces requires a different mindset to typically large and open luxurious bathroom designs, but it is one that we are very well-versed in. We focus on two key concepts when designing small bathrooms which underpin every decision:

  1. Focus on the necessities
  2. Design with space in mind

When you only have a limited space to work with, we need to make sure that you have everything you want and need within it. It is our job to understand your desires and subsequently fulfil them, so as part of our project managed experience, we will meticulously plan and conceptualise your bathroom layout with you.

We will understand your non-negotiables and then present to you our hand-crafted, bespoke design options to best suit your available space. We will work together to decide upon the right materials for your fittings, flooring, and furniture, too, so you can personalise your bathroom as much as you like.

Having a comfortable amount of space while also having all the fittings you want is crucial, and we will always make sure that your bathroom has the best of both worlds.

How to make a smaller bathroom feel luxurious

Conveying a sense of luxury is key when working with small bathrooms, and one of the ways we do this is through the mood and feel of the room itself.

The atmosphere is a crucial aspect of modern small luxury bathroom design as it can help the room to feel bigger and more comfortable. Natural lighting is a big contributing factor, using sky lights or windows to flood the room with a warm glow.

These windows can also make the room feel bigger and bring a calming, natural element to the room, especially if you can see trees or greenery right outside.

Additionally, we need to make sure that the room is airy, comfortable, and clean, as an overcrowded room will take away that luxury feel. Several unnecessary items can darken the room and make it feel claustrophobic, and leaving things out on display can make the room feel messy.

Make the most of your space

Whether you want a standing, centrepiece bath from Victoria + Albert to dominate the space or an all-inclusive luxury wet room inspired by Impey, our brand partners will bring your vision to life.

By cleverly utilising the expert work of our brand partners, we can create a truly luxurious space with integrated, but not overbearing, shelving units, storage solutions, and bathroom accessories.

It’s important to choose the right furniture and fittings for the space you have available, so consider going for corner units or changing your favoured style of bath to truly maximise what you have available.

Choose your materials carefully

One of the best parts of small luxury bathroom designs is that the materials you choose to use aren’t limited by available space, allowing us to create a small yet luxurious living area that’s perfect for any available size.

From the flooring to the worktops or even the tiles on the wall, this is your opportunity to make the bathroom truly yours. With matching accessories, including drawers, shelves, towel racks, or anything else, you can create a harmonised and beautiful bathroom.

Whether you choose to go for bamboo, marble, granite, or anything else, we can provide you with a range of options from our brand partners, including Laufen, Villeroy & Boch, and Acquabella.

Utilising mirrors for a small bathroom

One of the secrets of luxury bathroom design is by using large or multiple mirrors incorporated into the design to give the illusion of a larger space. When mirrors reflect light, they can give the illusion that the room itself is bigger.

Full length wall mirrors can give the illusion of almost double the space, while large, mounted mirrors above a sink can make the room look longer. These can be especially useful in small ensuite designs that can feel a little cramped without them.

Find out how Bayliss can bring luxury to your home

Everyone has an ideal vision for their home, so why not take the first steps towards making your dream a reality? Perhaps you have a bathroom that you feel needs a redesign, or an ensuite that doesn’t match the feel of your bedroom? No matter the space you have available, we are here to help.

See our online gallery or visit our Sutton Coldfield showroom for examples of our previous work and to get some small luxury bathroom ideas of your own!

Reach out to our team on 0121 362 1800 or email and get stated on your luxury bathroom journey.

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