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Elevating your Bathroom With Luxury Bathroom Brands

Posted: Oct 09
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Your luxury bathroom design simply isn’t complete without a selection of items from the best luxury bathroom brands on the market.

Whether you need a gorgeous Victoria & Albert bath as a centrepiece, a Laufen basin to match your countertop, or Hansgrohe taps to pull it all together, Bayliss will make your luxury bathroom dreams a reality.

Read on to find out some of our favourite luxury bathroom brands and how we use them in our designs!

Our Choice of Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Choosing the final fixtures and fittings you want in your bathroom can be very difficult, especially when you aren’t sure how the final project is going to look. You want everything to be perfect, from floor to ceiling, which is why we choose to work with only the best luxury bathroom brands in the business.

Whether you want to pick out each individual fixture yourself or you’d like us to present you with a selection to choose from, we will ensure that the finished product is exactly what you’ve imagined. Our project managed experience allows you to have all the input you want throughout the process!

We work with several top bathroom brands to deliver the perfect combination of luxury and functionality, without compromise.

Here is a selection of some of our favourites!

Hansgrohe’s Luxury Bathroom Showers for every design

No matter the style or theme you are trying to achieve with your bathroom, there is always a Hansgrohe shower design ready to match. Whether you are looking for a handheld system or an overhead shower, our selection of Hansgrohe products will always make you feel right at home.

Their showers are specifically designed to provide you with a nourishing and massaging experience with several different spray settings for the perfect shower year-round.

You can also choose the style of your shower and its controls, whether you want a full shower unit with exposed pipework for a rustic feel, or simply a static showerhead and a control block in the same material as your tiling for minimalism and modernity.

They even have a wide range of elegant taps and valves to match your choice of showerhead, ensuring consistency across your bathroom!

How we use Laufen’s luxury bathroom wash basins

If there’s one thing every guest will use when they enter your bathroom for any reason, it’s the basin. That means it provides the perfect opportunity to really wow your guests, especially if you can fit it into the theme of the room around it.

A unique, eye-catching basin can act as a secondary centrepiece to your bath or shower which will draw the attention of your guests. Laufen offer a huge variety of stylish and modern basins in any design of your choosing, including wall-hung, freestanding, bowl, and vanity washbasins.

No matter the size of the space you have available, a Laufen washbasin will be able to not only fit right in, but also tie the room together with a variety of colours available, too.  

Sharing wet room inspiration with Impey

Looking to convert a traditional bathroom into a luxurious wet room to fully immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere? Impey is the leading source of wet room inspiration, providing a huge range of specific wet room items and themes to help you craft the perfect room in your image.

No matter your vision for your new luxury wet room, Impey will have a style to match your vision. We can even install all their functional materials, like waterproof flooring, drainage solutions, and underfloor heating.

Impey accessories are designed with wet rooms in mind, ensuring that the entire space feels connected and consistent. They have elegant shower screens to separate out your shower unit, unique flooring that will dry efficiently and safely while also matching your walls or tiling, and specialist storage options that can blend right into the theme.

We can provide you with all these and more to ensure that your new room is exactly what you want. With a wet room inspired by Impey’s design, your guests will hardly want to leave!

How Bayliss selects luxury bathroom brands for you

We never compromise on our commitment to both style and functionality. A luxury bathroom shouldn’t just look amazing, it should feel amazing too, so we ensure that all the brands we choose to work with offer plenty of both!

If you’re thinking of making the luxury bathroom of your dreams a reality, get in touch with Bayliss Bathrooms today! Our expert bathroom designers are among the best in the business, helping craft, design, and build incredible bathrooms in Birmingham.

Not convinced? Visit our luxury bathroom showroom in Sutton Coldfield to see our work for yourself, call our office on 0121 362 1800, or email to find out more!