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Brand Focus: Laufen

Posted: Apr 01
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It may be April fools day but this brand we work closely with is no joke. One of the biggest and most prestigious global players in ceramic bathroom ware; Laufen is absolutely one of the best producers of baths, basins, and toilets you could wish for in your new bathroom. 

At Bayliss Bathrooms Ltd we invest our time and efforts into securing amazing brand partners. All of the suppliers we use in house are at the top of their game. They have also historically proven to be leading bathroom manufacturers. We genuinely only work with the best suppliers in the industry and Laufen are absolutely one of the best. 


Laufen is a global brand, with a wealth of history. Established in 1892, the Swiss company was founded during a time of let’s just say less than today’s high standard of sanitary conditions. With their expert knowledge and innovation, this thankfully all started to change. Laufen was the only sanitary porcelain manufacturer producing exclusively in Europe and had more than a helping hand in shaping the way we now use and enjoy our bathrooms. 


Laufen designs all of its bathroom furniture by blending two major design trends: emotional Italian design from the south and the northern tradition of design precision and clarity. This results in the production of genuinely some of the finest, well-made porcelain sanitary ware available in today’s market.

One of the other things we should mention about Laufen is their approach to the future and sustainability. They are leading the way in their approach to sustainable manufacturing and production. A focus on manufacturing products that use water sparingly and a commitment to investigating every step in their process that will allow the company to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Something we very much admire and believe in at Bayliss Bathrooms.


The Laufen style is unapologetically modern. Sleek lines, dramatic shapes yet soothing to the soul. The attention to detail and shape is evident in every piece they produce. With 6 manufacturing plants in Europe producing over 3 million pieces per year; that is a lot of new bathrooms being fitted!

Our Stand Out Pieces

Laufen produces a huge range and styles of bathroom ceramics and we are pretty certain that no matter your personal style and taste you will be able to find a Laufen piece to suit you in our bathroom showroom in Birmingham and of course our expert designers to help you plan and co-ordinate your new bathroom perfectly. But for us, there are one or two ranges that really stand out and wow, they also seem to be some of the most popular in our showroom too. 


Elegant and innovative the modern shapes and thin basin edges are absolute show stoppers. Designed by the internationally acclaimed and eclectic designer Patricia Urquiola this range features beautifully crafted basins, elegant countertop bowls, and of course luxury bathtubs. The range utilises the third generation of Laufen’s SaphirKeramik, an extraordinary material designed to be extremely hard with the same bending strength as steel. Allowing the designers more freedom to play with the shapes and thickness of the product without compromising on durability and maximum enjoyment for the customer.

The New Classic

As the name suggests a modern take on classic designs. Soothing shapes and forms this range is both elegant and sleek. Contemporary with a nod to history. Designed by Marcel Wanders and again using the market-leading SaphirKeramik material. The New Classic bathroom collection is as seamless in a modern home as well as traditional.

I hope that has given you a little bit of useful information about one of the many amazing brands we use to design and fit new bathrooms. If you want more info head over to the Laufen website and check them out for yourself. If you are local and considering a bathroom upgrade pop into our Birmingham bathroom showroom to see pieces for yourself and discuss how they will work in your new bathroom project.