Bathroom trends - coloured brasswear

What’s Trending in Bathrooms

Posted: Mar 19
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In recent years we have seen bathrooms become bigger and more luxurious than ever before. Maybe as a side effect of having to spend so much more time in our homes than ever before, maybe it’s because we are understanding the importance of self-care like never before. Either way, we have noticed that people are investing in their new bathrooms like never before. Our fitters are creating bigger spaces for bathroom suites to incorporate spa-like features; from freestanding baths to opulent double showers with seating.

If you are looking to upgrade and enhance your bathroom and need some inspiration below are our top trends and the most popular options currently being requested in our Birmingham bathroom showroom.

Coloured Brassware

As well as more traditional toned chrome brassware we are still seeing a surge in popularity for brushed brass bath and basin taps and showers. At Bayliss we love the finished aesthetic of brushed brass or bronze in a new fitted bathroom. Whether you are opting for a modern bathroom finish or a more traditional, heritage style the golden tones add both a touch of luxury and warmth to what can be seen as a clinical room. Matt black brassware is also a popular choice particularly for en-suite designs and those seeking a modern, minimal style.

Large Format Tiles

Tiles are always a popular choice in new bathrooms. Particularly for more modern style bathrooms we often see floor to ceiling large scale tiles throughout the room. Natually, they are ideal as the are easy to clean as well as waterproof. This year we are seeing a big demand for larger tiles, a large proportion of marble and often used in striking colour balance. Using large tiles helps to create a feeling of space and luxury.

One of the tile manufacturers we choose to partner with are the amazing Grespania. The Spanish brand are superior when it comes to tile quality and design. We are enjoying seeing the stunning tonal collections that feature textured tiles that create a stunning feature wall or area.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths do not seem to be going anywhere with regard to popularity. Having always been seen as the height of luxury in a bathroom, I can safely say they are set to stay for the foreseeable. As long as you have the room in your bathroom a freestanding bath can elevate the space from standard to outstanding. Again with lots of different styles to now choose from a new freestanding bath can transport your design whether you are looking for a more traditional look or want something modern and inviting. 

At Bayliss we stock many different ranges of freestanding baths so you are almost always going to find the perfect bath for your new bathroom.

Colour and Personality 

It’s also worth noting we are seeing a rising trend of injecting colour and personality into your new bathroom space. Gone are the days where it must be white bathroom furniture and white or grey walls. We are seeing a focus on softer earthy tones as well as big bold colours. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your new bathroom design should come down to your personal preference and tastes. If you book a design consultation here at our Birmingham showroom we will discuss in detail your room, requirements and what we will suit your personal style and lifestyle before drawing up any plans. Your bathroom is a room to invest in but also to enjoy and at Bayliss Bathrooms we want to make sure you can do that for many, many years.